Working Methods

We use the most up-to-date weaving and finishing technologies.

A long history of Tuscan textile manufacturing

The working methods used to produce our articles are based on the most modern technlolgies in the textile field, to satisfy as much as possible any customer need.

Scarf collections are based on Jacquard textiles and other knitted textiles.

We only have eyes for Made in Italy

We believe in quality, at any price level.

Good working methods used on a textile product account for much in achieving the good quality expected by the customer.

Kaleidos Moda entrusts its products only to italian workers and factories, and all production phases are carried out in Tuscany, especially in the area among Pistoia, Prato and Florence.

We believe that we have to defend real Made in Italy products, and that what is entirely produced in Italy clearly shows a different quality when you wear or use it.

The Fabric Finishing Department