Kaleidos Moda scarves are made using the best yarns available on the market

In real Made in Italy we don’t use to leave anything to chance

For our scarf collections we use the best yarn available on the market, selected as much as possible by our continuous searching the market.

We prefere the top quality range of virgin wool, extrafine merinos wool, combined with cashmere, silk, linen and bamboo.

Moreover, we use pure wool yarns and phantasy yarns, in compositions which range from acrylic to viscose, or cominations of wool / acrylic / viscose / polyester.

A Universe of Colors at Kaleidos Moda

Kaleidos Moda suppliers

Each new Kaleidos Moda collection is a comprimise between tradition and present fashion.

Material selections are based on the same principles: keeping unchanged what the market absorbs better, year after year, modifying only what is requested to give each season a new touch, and proposing what new trends indicate.

Our suppliers, by tradition, renew their engagement with us season after season. A special interest is dedicated to the companies which present new materials or new solutions on existing materials. All has to be filtered through the athmosphere at Kaleidos Moda: producing an updated product, practical and especially commercial.