The Company

Land of Tuscany, Unique Craftsmanship.

Kaleidos Moda was born in the purest spirit of small and medium Italian entrepreneurship

Kaleidos Moda has been founded in the purest spirit of small and medium-scale Italian entrepreneurs.
The owners, after years of experience as colleagues in the production and marketing of textiles and leather products, decided to combine their skills and technical baggage to carve out a space for them in the fashion industry.

So it was that Kaleidos Moda established, back in 2004, with the beginning of its slow but continuous affirmation in the scenario of the production of scarves in Tuscany.

Collection after collection, Kaleidos Moda has developed its own commercial network, in Italy and abroad, which allows it to produce for the national market and to export in Europe as well as in the United States and in the Far East.

Cooperation and Post Sale Service

Cooperation between Factory and Customers is one of the principles on which Kaleidos Moda has based its activity.

Cooperating does not only mean having profitable business relationships, but also considering the customer as a partner, whith whom to build a long standing cooperation.

Cooperating means offering the after-sale service, as customized as possible, and also – as far as possible – understanding in advance the customer needs for the new season.